You will get feedback for the course through VoiceThread, a digital storytelling tool.

Click on the embedded VoiceThread here, and you will be able to view commentary on your performance and projects, in an interactive format. This feedback is *private*, and viewable only by you, as an individual student, and me, as your instructor (login is onyen based). There is an individual VoiceThread for each student. You will likely also receive an email from Voicethread at UNC telling you you’re invited.

Watch out for class VoiceThreads here too, to continue conversation about performances.

Click your name below!

Login: your UNC onyen and password. 1 Minute VoiceThread Tutorial

Alana Bethea

Jheranie Boyd

Tim Brechbuehler

Jessica Broadus

Roland Estrada

Matt Freeman

Hannah Giles

Martha Glenn

Travis Hall

Gracie Hartman

Jonathan Hebert

John Allen Henson

Marcus Holman

Brianne Hough

Nelson Hurst

Adam Jefferson

Courtney Millis

Addy Moody

Allison Murray

Warren Woodard

Jiho Yang

Eric Yi


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