Performance 2

I have decided to perform the voices stanza, beginning with the line “life has written with the pen of centuries”


Guerilla Theatre, media, and doing things differently

In this article about Guerilla theatre something really stuck out to me. The idea of media in a positive light. These days media almost has a negative label to it. This is because it is often misleading or it attempts to influence it’s consumers in one way or another. However the idea of Guerilla theatre would not be possible without media. The actions taken by a group such as Greenpeace needed someone to get the message out to the public. Although the statue of liberty and mount rushmore are technically visible to the public, how many people would have actually been there on those days to see the banners? Media is a big element in Guerilla Theatre, an without it, this form of protest would not be very successful. By bringing mass amounts of attention to these actions, public support is gained, which is a MUST in any type of political change. Greenpeace is an organizationthat was started by a group of people who shared a common goal. These people came together and used an unorthodox technique in order to bring change to the world. This relates to our discussion in class about the our school system and the way teachers are restricted to what and how they teach. Some teachers that take a risk and do something that others do not, end up receiving the best results. Maybe if more teachers were able to step out of the molded system they are required to follow, more students would become engaged in their schoolwork. Here is a link to a funny video i found regarding unconventional teaching methods.


Dehumanization is something that happens all around us, on a daily bases. It is looked at to be a very negative thing, however, can it be a good thing i.e. if someone is really strong and you say “he’s a beast” should that be considered a compliment? Are there different levels of dehumanization that control the way it it affects the reciever? Here is a link that shows a little about dehumanization.