On aesthetics

As a student, I have never been intrigued of deciphering the symbolism within a poem.  On the other hand as a singer, I have always been amazed at how a song can move people and how much it can influence people.  I tried applying the Lederach readings to my own personal search for a unique voice and began to see the symbolism of the haiku of the dragonfly.  It teaches to give life to ones poetry. Because like Lederach most of us write during our most stressful times in life (complexity).

One line that really stuck out to me was the line “he who writes three to five haiku poems in a lifetime is a haiku poet” (simplicity).  Also I think music is poetry in song and dance is poetry in motion, which I believe is why I am naturally drawn to poetry. One component of the haiku which i believe is important for all forms of art is to that a “haiku must capture in a few words the complex fullness of a moment, setting or as the poets themselves are fond of saying, an experience”  (Lederach, 67)  This all leads to the thought “how do we  determine the complexity of a all situations and then solve those problems”  I think Roland said it best that we should “focus on finding the most elegant solution”


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