Poetry has never been something that I’ve enjoyed. I find myself tripping over the words, images, and emotions they are supposed to provoke and usually find myself stuck in my own head without a clue about what I am reading. That’s why reading “On Aesthetics” surprised me a bit. Focusing on haikus during the first section, the author discusses how the word itself means “being sharp in the senses” and how important it is to “embrace complexity through simplicity.” Although this is easier said that done, I found the actual purpose of haikus to be rather surprising. Before, I had found them rather annoying and idiotically short (if I am being honest). Anyways, what I enjoyed most of the article and what has stuck with me is how she listens for poetry on a daily basis. I love that. I feel like a lot of time the honesty and simplicity of what people say without thinking is better than the words carefully attended to. And the fact that she actually listens to them and looks for more than everybody else does is wonderful. So, while poetry may still not come easily to me – especially the whole simplicity thing – maybe just the act of enjoying the words and feeling something will get me farther than thinking. In the meantime, here is a great toothpastefordinner comic!


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