On Aesthetics

After reading “On Aesthetics: The Art of Social Change”, I am somewhat wanting to put my foot in my mouth.  As I stated in class a few weeks ago, my vision of poetry had always been something that rhymed, no matter what words were used.  However as I mature and delve into deeper reading (such as this piece) I am realizing that there is so much more to this art then rhyming words.  In fact the two haikus at the beginning of this reading and how they were presented with different meanings really amazed me.  By flipping words around, the poem’s moral lesson changed completely.

Poetry in my opinion is a combination of two simple things: How you say what you want to say and the words you use to say it.  I loved the quote “People talk in images” because it is very true.  Whenever someone is explaining something they are picturing it in their mind and trying to express what they see.  The video I came across when I thought about this is Sarah Kay performing “B” at a TED conference.  While few of her words rhyme, her wordplay and imagery is absolutely brilliant, and really stirs emotions.  I hope some of you take the time to watch it.


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