On Aesthestics

In reading “On Aesthestics”, I was struck by the concepts of intuition and the ways in which it can be related to performance through the audience reaction. As the author describes, intuition is like the “heart’s core” and it “sees things in the heart” (71). It takes the core of complex and intricate experiences and strips them down to the simplest and most pure form . For Lederach, he best saw this through haikus because they are so simple in form, that it’s structure allowed the writer to approach intuition. And when you do this, as he goes on to note, “ you capture the heart of a complex experience, you have arrived at insight and often at way forward” (71).

In connecting this to performance, I found that this principle was best illustrated through an audience’s reaction to a performance. In the instant emotion that comes from viewing or identifying with a performance, the audience is feeling the “heart’s core” of the issue. And since emotion is, by nature, reactionary, I think that it’s structure also allows a person to embody and represent the core and essence of a situation just as the haiku does. With this, here is so much power and beauty in the fact that performance can be used to strip down a matter so that it can be acknowledged, experienced, and understood at its core. Below I have attached a video of a performance that always bring up an emotional reaction for me and allows me to experience a issue in a its core without much though on my behalf—just purely feeling.


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