Complexity and Simplicity

I thought that the aspect of the article when the author is talking about his journey with poetry was particularly interesting because he writes briefly about how you should just write and not take too much time. The idea that you shouldn’t “think of words when you stop but to see picture better.” I feel like this idea allows you to let your mind teach you what you want to say and how you want to express yourself. This relates to a lot of the performance aspects that we use in class–we let our bodies move the way that we feel that they should based on what we are embodying.

I also thought the idea of haiku begin the intersection of complexity and simplicity was interesting. The idea of using a few words to express larger topics and concerns was something I haven’t really thought about too much. I feel like that idea embodies a much larger notion that within simple, straightforward problems exists larger issues.

After reading the article, I find myself relating poetry writing to performance in the context of what we have studied so far. Poetry also allows for personal interpretations that people can develop. If haiku is used for a call to action like many of the work we have looked at this semester, people will respond in many different ways and have many different voices based on responses to that poetry.


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