As I read “On Aesthetics” from The Moral Imagination I thought it was really insightful as the writing went in depth about aesthetics.  I’ve always thought as aesthetics as just simply what brings pleasure to somewhere and that everyone aesthetics are different but I’ve never thought about it more in depth.  I thought it was really interesting how the reading discussed intuition as a part of aesthetics.  I found it interesting that Yeats said that intuition reacts to the “heart’s core”.  I agree that intuition is what builds aesthetics to us as people and it made me wonder about how much our intuition affects everything we do.  I think intuition is built while growing up and the experiences that one has.  If someone is constantly lied to then you would think their intuition in the future would be to be very cautious of trusting anyone.  An example that I thought of how developed intuition would affect aesthetics comes from the media.  We as a culture are always sold on a certain style or look as what is “beautiful” in people.  Through years of growing up and seeing these images I think it builds into our intuition and ultimately affects our aesthetics in regard to beauty in people.  The one question this reading brought up to me in relation to human beauty is if the media was not as powerful as it is in our country, would our aesthetics towards people change?  I just think that idea is interesting especially when you look at other cultures and their aesthetics.


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