I was really struck by the profound message in the Moral Imagination article. I have never thought of a Haiku as being able to convey a powerful message, but the thought of using simplicity to speak to an issue really stood out to me. I like the idea of using few words that translate into a lot of meaning. Often times words stand as fillers, and depart from the point of the conversation. Lederach also uses haikus as a form of peacemaking. The haikus get to the root of the problem, rather than beat around the bush with meaningless words. Looking at words in its simplest composition, as Lederach describes, allows the audience to look at the bigger picture and find a resolution.

The idea of using a haiku to convey meaning reminded me of the exercises we do in class. Creating a scene or image to convey meaning is similar to using poetry as a means of communication. Despite their differences, acting and poetry can communicate more simply and effectively than other forms than may cloud the mind.


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