When reading this passage I began think about just how trivial words can really be. The idea that a Haiku with only 17 syllables can be used to describe or draw up a complex human emotion is very powerful to me. So often we find ourselves talking and talking and talking without saying anything at all. At the bottom of it all words really are worthless. Words are not universal and only hold as much value as the listener interprets them to have. In this world there is only one thing that really has value and that is emotions or experiences. As described by this reading the Haiku limits the use of language in describing experiences. The experience and emotions are what is important in any poetry or performance and words may only get in the way. This reading also reminded me of what I read about two weeks ago (I think) about the power of performance as it’s own universal language. Again. words may only get in the way of allowing an audience to experience a performance. Ballet also reminds me of this principle. When I witch people dance I feel connected to their performance without even hearing them speak.


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