Theater of the Oppressed…Connection with Audience

The Theater of the Oppressed reading really tied in connecting ideas of relations with the audience in performance. In a public speaking class, you learn how to relate to your audience through interactions, question & answer, or personal experience. A quote that stood out to me was how the main objective of the “poetics of the oppressed” was to turn the spectators into the subjects, the actors and “transformers of the dramatic action”.
This immediately made me think of our Phil Porter experiment and our experience with him. While he initiated the performance, he invited us all to join (which we did) and at that time we all became the act. We were no longer just bystanders with nothing to do, rather our roles had switched and we were fully involved with the process. This short video I found of him explaining progressive values and the “stone in the pond” metaphor I believe sums this all up. If we can be a stone and influence other people around us and include them rather then exclude them, we will become more active in our own performances.



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