Complex Oppression

After I read Boal the one idea that stuck with me was the idea that because we as people are complex, not all oppression is easy to know.  The idea of people being oppressed in a relationship with one another was an idea that is really interesting to me.  Thinking about it brought me to one key question:  Does being oppressed in a sense give us what we want?

I know that it seems insane to think that we would actually like being oppressed but the more I think about our society the more it appears it may potentially be true.  One would have to agree that to a degree we our opressed by our government. We are opressed in many ways ranging from not being allowed to not wear a seatbelt to not being allowed to take money from others.  While the seatbelt is not a big deal it is still oppression.  As much as I may want to just get into my car and drive away I am not allowed to because our government says it is illegal.  Oppression in this fashion is trivial and is just annoying at best.  However, I appreciate the opression that is put on us by our government that we may not rob other people.  While I myself would not rob anyone, it provides me with a good state of mind knowing that others should not attempt to rob me because they are also “opressed” by the government and law.  In this way I am glad that I am oppressed and to me that is a very complex thought.


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