Boal Readings

 I enjoyed reading the Boal article, especially because of the postive spin it placed on situations that many would deem depressing. I was fascinated by the fact that the actors in the performance weren’t paid or professional, but were actual prison guards and prisoners across 37 prisons in the state. The prison guards even adapted to take on the roles of the prisoners, and portrayed the hopeless stances of the prisoners, with their heads lowered and hands on the person in front of them.
I was especially moved by how touched the audience members were by the performances. One of my favorite lines from the article described the performances as “hopes,” which makes the demonstration even more life like. Our discussion about occupy Wall Street in class last Thursday reminded me a lot of this article. The article cites that the performances “opened up dialogue between 4,000 prisoners,” which is similar to the purpose of Occupy Wall street. Discourse and argumentation is important for people to express their concerns, opinons, and hopes, and without an opportunity, these dreams will fall to the background.

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