I really enjoyed Boal’s article about human rights.  I thought it was very interesting and eye-opening the way he connected human rights and humanization to theatrical performance.  My favorite example that he gave was the performances given by the prisoners and the prison guards.  Prisoners are extremely dehumanized and very rarely are able to tell their story.  The article made me realize how important it is to never judge someone at first glance because we are all humans and deserve to be respected no matter what.


Since it is Halloween I decided to include this video of how prisoners are giving back to the community and also making something of themselves while still being locked behind bars.  They grew pumpkins on the prison grounds and gave them to special needs children which I thought to be very touching.

“In Theatre of the Oppressed, reality is shown not only as it is, but also more importantly, as it could be”(6).  I really enjoyed this quotation that was included in the article because it describes a group of people in which most would degrade and think little of (prisoners) in their highest potential.  What reality is now certainly does not have to be the future reality and through performance we can reach that potential reality.  Performance is a great way to reach that potential reality because it allows people to be heard.


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