Organizing for Social Change- Roland

Reading about the dialectics in this section also made me think about the Occupy Wall Street movement, but in a different way. For me, the dialectic that it made me think about was Dissemination and Dialogue. I don’t get much of my news from traditional media sources. Instead, I rely primarily on internet news sources, chat forums, etc etc. So I’ve always had a lot of news on how various Occupy movements are going. But others on those resources have noted that there has been very little coverage of the Occupy Wall Street in their more traditional/mainstream news media. Of the coverage that has been shown, they say it has focused on the unemployed or the uneducated members. In which case, the main groups can be disseminating a message that the Occupy Wall Street is made up of people who are a “drain” on society, rather than the Dialogue that the movement is trying to start about how our society is run.

Which makes me think of Jonathan’s post where he talks about the issue of making demands, and how the OWS doesn’t really have a set demands, or any real leadership. For me, that shows the movement is more about dialogue. It’s to get discussion moving. Rather than providing a solution, it’s trying to get through on a much more fundamental step: getting everyone to recognize that there is a problem.

And that takes me to the subject of counter narratives, which was brought up in the second part of the reading. In conjunction with the OWS movement, there has been a movement on tumblr where people post their stories about how the economy has affected them, called “We are the 99 Percent” :

Thanks to the internet, people can share their stories and connect. “Even being able to talk to another person about one’s troubles represents a positive in comparison to being lonely in sorrow.” (p. 253)


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