Organizing for Social Change

While reading Organizing for Social Change I thought the four categories of dialectic tension for the process of social change were enlightening and thoughtful.  The four categories listed that were control and emancipation, oppression and empowerment, dissemination and dialogue, and fragmentation and unity.  Control and emancipation really captured my attention by laying out the grounds on a social structure.  It started when the author stated that “control systems make emancipation possible” or even available.  Oppression and Empowerment also mentions the idea that  “a person may act in a way that is empowering in one context but simultaneously oppressing in another.

The Oppression and Empowerment dialectic really motivated me to look at the things that i stood up for in life whether it was my religious beliefs, my interest in music, or my work/career.  The question definitely helps guide a person to what they are trying to achieve in life and how they plan to execute things.  On the other hand like the the meta dialectic of change and stability wheel, the fact the that four dialects intersect one another really show the complexity of 8 things that need to be harmoniously working together in order for social change to exist.


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