Organizing for Social Change

I really enjoyed reading this passage though long it had very insightful information and was a slight motivation for me to get involved and organize for social change.  The section “Putting the Last First” stood out the most to me after reading.  I agree with Gandhi’s principle that when undertaking social action you should consider who or what group of people are you effecting.  In his case he wanted his actions to alleviate the suffering of the poorest group of people.  While I do think that it is important to help the people that are suffering the most, I sensed from this passage that Gandhi dismissed the middle group, the one who aren’t the poorest but are also far from being the riches.  I believe that is also important to help these middle group of people and address their needs for social change as well as the poor needs.  This in particular struck a chord with me because as a college student coming from what i presumed to be a middle class family I was not awarded many opportunities as far as need based finance for college.  I find that in many situations specifically financial the middle class is looked over.  I believe that American society has created the idea the middle class don’t do help as well.  It is important that all suffering no matter what degree should organize and receive the alleviation that organizing for social can bring.


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