Blog #4-Organizing for Social Change-Allison

I was very intrigued by this weeks reading about Dialects, and how they influence and shape our lives. The presence of dialectic tensions in social change is understandable, but I was surprised to discover that they also exist in songs, such as Smokey Robinson’s hit song, and even in sports, such as the unwavering support of Red Sox fans. In the section titled “Dialectics and Social Change” (p. 49), the author’s] acknowledges the hypocritical aspect of the two, when he or she writes that “a person may say that they believe in performing a certain action, yet these beliefs may not be reflected in his or her actions.” I find this to be very true in today’s society, where people seem to be quick to provide answers, but can’t be found when it comes time to follow through.

While I found all of the dialectics to be present in today’s society, I found the dialectic of stability and change to be even more prevelant than the others. Stability and Change is described as “involving the tension between wanting both sameness and variety in our relationships” (p. 47). People all too often strive for change, but are reluctant to change when the time comes. I also believe that people brush under the rug the fact that tensions do infact exist, and ignoring the problem can sometimes make situations worse.


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