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After examining the way the author views the significance of modern day education, I have to say that I disagree. Yes, education is very similar to “narration”, as the author says. But I don’t agree with his implication that it is an altogether ineffective way to educate students. I think that the best way to learn is through experience, but narration can be helpful in preparing for that experience. It’s the same concept as going through training at a job before actually being put on the job. Narration cannot adequately prepare you for everything that could ever happen, but it can give you an overview so that you have some knowledge of what to do before actually having to do it.

Also, take first-generation college students for example. I believe the reason that so much emphasis is placed on being a first-generation as opposed to having parents that went to college is because first-generations didn’t have any prior narration before going off to school. Those with parents who attended university know what it’s like, and can tell their kids all the tips & tricks that they need to know before they arrive on campus. I know my parents did. And of course there were some things that I did not fully understand until I was at UNC for a few weeks, but there were certain things that I already knew, thanks to the narration given to me by my parents. I think the author should reevaluate his stance on education and give this process called “narration” some credit.


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