October 4 – Stanza Choices BY 5:00PM Tuesday (+ field trip MINI-assignment).

By Tuesday October 4 at 5PM, make a post here of the stanza you will choose to perform. (just 1 of these 4, being 1: Voices, 2: Back, 3: Lap, 4: Eyes). You can leave it as a “comment” to this post.

Secondly, go here: http://unc.voicethread.com/share/2285181/ to complete Phil’s Thank You Card. Try to do an audio recording (so much better!), but write or even do webcam if you like. You can doodle on it too. Your comment, to complete credit for our required field trip, is due as well by 5:00 PM Tuesday. 

See the text of the notes on performance I sent you, with directions to keep in mind for your rehearse at home day on Tuesday October 4 (get some of that quiet space for brainstorming and rehearsal). In class on Thursday October 6, we will go over your drafts of scripts for your October 11 and 13 performances of Viriato da Cruz’s “black mother” from When Bullets Begin to Flower. The catalyst sheet (/rubric) is up under the rubrics tab, above.

So much good to your performances. -Marie



PS: Here are some things we’ve been talking about in class the last few weeks.

Hank Willis Thomas of 30 Americans (and the Nike piece).

Breast Cancer Action and Pink Ribbons, Pink Campaigns (trash cans), Pink Campaigns (kfc chicken buckets), Pink Campaigns (yoplait), and more Pink Campaigns (cosmetics like Avon, Estee Lauder etc). Also see: (Pink Washing, and more Pink Washing Q’s about representation, including of charity/research, as well as politically under explored Q’s – why are so many in the US getting breast cancer? What are some options of response?)

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About mariegarlock

Marie (itisinyou.org) is a performing artist, health communicator, & UNC-CH PhD candidate in Communication. In NC & globally, she partners with people facing life-threatening illnesses--like advanced cancer, HIV, & health harms from toxic waste exposures--as they lead creative initiatives to shift culture and policy toward health justice. She partners with diverse communities seeking health, environmental, & racial justice with methods in (1) oral history & critical ethnography (audio interviews, participant- & community-based research), (2) performing arts (story, dance/movement, & visual installation in live productions & public workshops), (3) community-generated health communication (narrative, policy-focused, & strategic messaging). In parallel with her teaching & research, Marie is a certified InterPlay Arts & Social Change facilitator, & Breast Cancer Action "Community Leader for Change."

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