The symbol of “Mother” is discussed in the poem.  The symbol of a mother being strong and working hard and the idea of all of these voices coming together under the “mother” are present in this poem.  The last few lines call on the idea of humanity and “mother” is today, and always has been a symbol closely associated with humanity.  This symbol does not change.

However, some symbols do change over time.  One symbol that I believe is particularly interesting in this regard is that of the rainbow.  Today the rainbow is usually associated with homosexuality where as in the past it has been a symbol of peace or calm after a storm.  At one point it was also a symbol for justice and equality for all ( the Rainbow Coalition).  I have a tattoo with a rainbow as a part of it and whenever people see it they always assume it has something to do with my sexual orientation and it has an entirely different meaning for me.    Different people get to share different meanings for symbols.


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