Superstitious Rituals

In class we discussed a little about rituals we perform almost religiously yet there no is almost no logic to them. My example would be before I play a game. We always eat a pre game meal four hours before the game . We also put on suits for the pre game meal which I wonder why we do it every home game , but it’s just a ritual that my coach believes in. It’s funny because my coach is one the most superstitious people I’ve ever known. He knows what ties, shoes and even belts he wore in our wins and losses . However, the most ritualistic thing my team does and we have no reason why is the jump around song before each game is played before the start of every home game and my teammates dance to it . It’s funny to the fans , but I wouldn’t feel right without it before I step on the court . This ritual doesn’t necessarily have any way it helps me physically or mentally, yet it’s so comforting.



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