Raison d’etre

I was really inspired by the readings this week on Paulo Friere, but to tell you the truth it took a second glance to actually understand what he was saying because he’ll go off on an example and its reading that builds on itself.  Long story short I was able to hear the reading as if Paulo were giving a speech and realized this guy goes deep and sometimes you have to pause a lot in the reading.  I think he went a little crazy because his idea kept looping because to not to be the oppressed is to be the oppressor to him in the end.

“in order to understand the others I discover I have to create in myself , a certain virtue, virtue of tolerance”

The most important reason in both the “pedagogy of the oppressed” and the “health theatre in a Hmong refugee camp” is that to engage in dialogue is to preserve culture and produce ideas.   Through the teaching/learning lens both the director and the Hmong people were dual, in the idea that at one point they were teacher and at another point student.  For instance when the Director receives the feedback that traditional Hmong clothes, traditional Hmong music, and traditional speech patterns should be used during the plays to preserve the culture he is the student, but when it comes to engaging the people to come together with ideas he is the teacher.


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