GreenPeace and Our Society

The reading of “The Guerilla Theater of GreenPeace” really hit home to me and impressed me with the things these people are doing to conserve our protection against environmental dangers.  A quote that reminded me of the reading was when someone in class proclaimed that our society looks at “how you perform it, and not what you say”.  However in this instance, the people of GreenPeace, specifically Steve Loper want more attention to what they are trying to do, not how they do it. He explains “We try to get the light off the climb, or whatever we’ve done, and get it on the issue.” I witnessed this on the show Whale Wars (clip is at the bottom) and was in awe of the harm these regular citizens put themselves in just because they believe in something. It’s amazing to me that people care enough to take a stand against in just actions that are occurring in places not only in America, but all over the world.  It goes to show you that it only takes one or two people to start a revolution and change the way people think. It was a shock to read and consider the deeds and actions that I have not contributed to society.  I want to go from a hand that is trembling, to hands that are reaching out!


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