Blog #2

I really enjoyed this week’s reading on the Guerilla Theatre of Greanpeace. I loved their idea of “igniting sparks” through different acts of performance, whether they were hanging banners on Mt. Rushmore, or sailing broken down boats to protest bombing in Amchitka. I also found it interesting that sometimes their demonstrations overshadow the message they want to convey to the public. Often times the publicity extinguishes the voice of the Guerilla Theatre, resulting in “defeat” as one Greenpeace member describes it. Regardless of the amount of publicity they recieve, the Guerille Theatre still manages to reach a large audience, and now has a huge following. The line, “creating images that have an impact on people’s lives” (pg 4), really struck a chord with me because often times our society is consumed with images that have absolutely no impact on our lives. We become obsessed with the lives of others in reality tv, that the true definition of “reality” is distorted.

I found an interesting article that chronicles the fact that reality tv isn’t actually real at all..


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