I read The Guerilla Theater of Greenpeace and all the while felt empowered. I felt motivated to take even the smallest of actions to make a difference. I believe that this article can relate back to what we talked about in class yesterday because these people aren’t “playing the game”. We talked about what happens when you “play the game” and what happens when you don’t. People get suspended, there is a loss of self-confidence and you are seen as a “failure” to many eyes. But, the people of Greenpeace are not taking the beaten path. They are standing up for what is RIGHT and doing the RIGHT thing, regardless of the effective consequences. In school, students are scared into doing what everyone else is doing. We are pushed into directions that are easily managed and understood. Who is responsible for this, I don’t know, but it is still happening. I don’t want to necessarily blame the teachers, after yesterday’s talk I came to realize that its really not all their fault. They are just doing their job. It is a total mess out there right now, though. Something needs to be changed. However, I believe that the difference between this issue and the issues that Greenpeace is dealing with is that people really do believe that our educational system is working. So it is imperative that we bring to light the true issues of what is happening to our children and future of our world to light, to our co-perceived notion. Another aspect of this article that I could relate back to our class discussion was the idea of the individual versus solidarity. Yesterday it seemed that we all shared most of the same feelings. And I thought to myself “If we all feel this way, why have none of us tried to come together to make a change?”. Why are we going with the flow if our passion is so apparent and defined? I believe that Greenpeace does what they do so effectively because they are bound in unity and support one another. Having a sense of solidarity drives one to go forward and fight harder. This is what is so beautiful about people in general and the potential that we share to change what needs to be changed- whether that be toxic waste disposal or our education system or maybe even the lack of education systems in many countries.

Altogether, I felt very empowered and inspired by this article. It made me want to join some sort of activism group and go out and actually DO something. I get so tired of sitting around and talking talking talking about the problems in the world. It feels good to know that there are outlets and ways to make a difference.


here the is greenpeace video, it is very inspiring.


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