Performance as Action

I thought the reading of The Guerrilla of Greenpeace was a very interesting and eye opening article.  The last line, “creating images that have an impact on people’s lives,” really stood out to me and captures the entire purpose of the reading.  I have never thought of an image as being necessarily life changing, however, Steven Durland explains many examples of the Greenpeace’s activist demonstrations in which images speaks volumes.  The Greenpeace organization has been so successful in being heard and making changes because of the performances they put on.  The actual performance by Greenpeace calls attention to them which then allows their message to be heard by millions.

The image below represents one of the Greenpeace’s performances.  This particular performance was in protest of nuclear power at the Unterweser nuclear power station in Germany.  They painted a skull on the dome and hung banners that said “Nuclear power damages Germany.”  The extremely risky performance by these Greenpeace members is what gained attention for them which allowed their message to be heard my millions.


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