Pedagogy of the Oppressed

I thought that this reading was very insightful and brought up some great points of reality that I have never thought about.  One of the points that he brought up that really stood out to me was his relationship between a teacher and student.  He compares the teacher to a “narrating subject” and the student to a “listening object”.  In class this week, we talked about the relationship between a teacher and student was dialectic, however, in the reading the students take up the label of being oppressed while the teachers are dong the oppressing.  This brings me to the question of, are students really being dehumanized in the classroom by teachers when they are only doing their job to educate young students?  Are students really just being fed facts without learning the full spectrum of what those facts actually mean?  If so, then how can we change this system and allow students to participate more in their education.  And lastly, how can we change this world that is full of the oppressed and the oppressor?

Before I even read about this picture that I have posted below, It struck my eye as being a great representation of a teacher playing the role of the oppressor and the students playing the role of the oppressed.  There are so many students packed in this classroom all doing the exact same thing.  I feel as though no student would be able to get their own voice heard in a class like this.  I then read about this picture and it actually came from a movie called The Wave in which a teacher tried an experiment to show his students what life would be like under a dictatorship.  Apparently the experiment went wrong and the class formed into a social unit.


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