Freedom of the Oppressed

The reading for week 4 was a little lengthy and at sometimes a bit over my head.  I don’t think I’ll ever read a piece with the word opressed used so many times! But on a serious note, the paragraph of freedom was what really got me thinking.  The reading claims that the opressed are “fearful” of freedom, but I disagree. I think these people may be anxious about living on their own, but they are not scared.  An analogy would be like riding a bike. When you were little, you wanted to get on that thing so bad.  But when you were on it, you weren’t quite sure what to do and how to operate it, but after a while you were killing it on that bike! In the Grameen Bank reading and in class we discussed dialectics, and the two topics in that [Grameen] reading that were juxtaposed were Stability vs. Change. In relationships and in life, people want something that they are comfortable with and that they know they can accomplish well.  However, as evidenced by acts of history throughout mankind, people “want what they can’t have.” While oppressed people may not have all the tools initally to fully enjoy their freedom, I don’t beleive they are scared of it, just rather uncomfortable with it.  The reading states that “[Freedom] is rather the indispensable condition for the quest for human completion.” After all, who would be afraid of that?


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