Brianne Hough Blog 1 – What does it mean to be human?

In the Pedagogy of the Oppressed reading, I realized the central question that begs to be answered by the author and then also by the reader: what does it mean to be human? Who are we to judge who is more human than the next person? It is hard to imagine a person with that mentality–a person who feels like they are more human than another person–but it does exist. I found the way that really interesting and strikingly true the way that the author talked about dehumanization and humanization as the variable that drives oppression and injustice. Which makes me wonder what it means to be less “human” than another person? The article went into great depth about the way that people strive to be humanized in a world of oppression; in the context of our class, the idea of being human can cover much more ground. So in shows like the Jersey Shore and the Real Housewives of Orange County–reality shows that display grand displays of sometimes altered realities–are those performances and roles that those characters assume less human than my role as a UNC student? Than the oppressed person struggling for justice? In my opinion, no person in less human than the other. In my opinion, when a person is born into this world they are born with the same rights as the baby across the world that is born in the same moment. But that is not the case, which is the issue.

So if the variable is a person’s humanity, does it mean that people who try to find love on a show like The Bachelor are less human than I am?

That girl may be crazy, but she was born into this world as a human. To dehumanize her is almost by nature inhumane.


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