Blog Post 1: Paulo Freire

Although the topic of oppression has been discussed by many, Paulo Freire certainly has shed some light on the subject. And while other students have chosen to discuss the question of what exactly being human means, I found myself hung up on Freire’s concept of the oppressed and the oppressors. He stresses how the oppressed “must realize that they are fighting not merely for freedom from hunger, but for freedom to create and to construct, to wonder and to venture” (Freire 16). This point has caused me to wonder what exactly must occur for the oppressed to realize this. Although Freire does write about the importance of pedagogy for this to happen, I found myself wondering what historical evidence he is using to support his argument. He mentions North Africa among others but I ask myself, how is his argument supported? Although I find his points are valid, what historically is backing up his arguments? From my own knowledge, I find his reference to Africa to be extremely valid. Writings such as Exterminate All the Brutes and Heart of Darkness have revealed man’s ability to dehumanize entire groups of people and ignore the treatment of the oppressed.


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