Blog Entry 1

In the “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” reading the quote that stood out the most was  “Discourses of dignity must end the separation of viewing us versus them. “ Also the formula for the way the discourses were addressed was by centering an essential struggle to promote social change.  To achieve this the first step was to view fragmentation and unity as “units of measure in social change”.  Secondly, the “vitality of the dialogue was crucial and lastly Practitioners (people) needed to provide a safe and comfortable way facilitate the dialogue.   This makes me think about how I view art and how I should try to produce songs in the future.  Maybe if every song I made from this point on had a positive message or message in general or a purpose it could help facilitate dialogue through song.

Also the dualism in Dialectics this week stood out for me trying to find dualism in every aspect of life and trying to capture that on film was interesting.  i believe dualism in dialectics is important because it is just one more way we can all find a way to relate as humans.


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