Blog #1 Allison Murray

As a future educator, I find it interesting the relationship of student and teacher in our chapter 2 reading. I like the description of teachers as “narrating subjects,” but I don’t think this is true in every aspect of the classroom. While students are being “filled” with the narrator’s (teacher’s) information, I think that generalizing education in this way ignores the teachers who do inspire their students. While it is difficult to find educators that ignite the desire to learn in their students, they do exist in the field of education. How do educators find a balance between feeding their students facts while at the same time instill in them a desire to learn? Are the students or teachers to blame? Does our society’s obsession with celebrity status and money distract our children from the importance of education?

While I couldn’t find a video that covers this video, I did come across this blog that covers the issue at hand.


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