An Oppressing Institution

In this reading, I found that the fundamental question being asked throughout was “What does it mean to be human?”. I find this question extremely difficult to answer in our ever-changing world. We all live such extreme lifestyles today. Who is going to be the one to define this for us? Unfortunately, this question is so important because we have an issue of humanity at our hands. There are people in this world who are “dehumanized”, stripped of their human rights and left to struggle… and the only way out is rising above it all. However, many of these oppressed peoples view their situations as stagnant and unchangeable. They feel trapped. They must, nevertheless, find a way to transform their situation. This sort of ties into the idea of the “teacher-student” relationship that this reading went on to talk about. Today’s education is so incredibly institutionalized. It is such a black-and-white to view the world, that I believe, it is actually dehumanizing many children and young adults of the world. This is when I ask myself who is going to break these instituionalized rituals? How can we begin to transform our perceptions of ourselves and our world? We need to find a better way because I think that we are limiting ourselves, as well as the potential of our world.
here is the link to my image.

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