Poetic Portraits of a Revolution

Poetic Portraits of a Revolution

Multi-media and spoken word performance, a lens into Egypt, Tunisia, Long Roads to Freedom.

Friday and Saturday, Gerrard Hall, UNC Campus

8 PM

* Can fill 1 of your required performances for this semester.

(*Incredible work – exactly in the theme of our course in liberation performance, these young men – students, poets, performance facilitators – traveled to Egypt and Tunisia to document the tactics, images of revolution, the poetics and lived proverbs of people fighting for self-determination. I do not know what it will hold, but I know I respect these artists a *lot* and want you to get a chance to see them in action, for your own learning).




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About mariegarlock

Marie is a performing artist, health communicator, and PhD candidate in Communication at UNC Chapel Hill. In NC and globally, she partners with people facing life-threatening illnesses like advanced cancer and HIV, as they lead creative initiatives for health, environmental, and racial justice. Marie partners with diverse communities through methods in oral history and critical ethnography (audio interviews, participant- and community-based research), performance paradigms (story, dance/movement, visual installation in productions and workshops), and community-generated health communication (narrative, policy-focused, and strategic messaging). Marie hopes to document and advance communities' techniques for navigating health crises through dialogue-based collaborations and performance-centered activisms for patient advocacy, health rights, and civil rights. In parallel with her teaching and research at UNC Chapel Hill, she is a certified InterPlay Arts + Social Change facilitator, and local Breast Cancer Action "Community Leader for Change."

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