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*Due date*: Friday August 26, 2:00PM

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About mariegarlock

Marie ( is a performing artist, health communicator, & UNC-CH PhD candidate in Communication. In NC & globally, she partners with people facing life-threatening illnesses--like advanced cancer, HIV, & health harms from toxic waste exposures--as they lead creative initiatives to shift culture and policy toward health justice. She partners with diverse communities seeking health, environmental, & racial justice with methods in (1) oral history & critical ethnography (audio interviews, participant- & community-based research), (2) performing arts (story, dance/movement, & visual installation in live productions & public workshops), (3) community-generated health communication (narrative, policy-focused, & strategic messaging). In parallel with her teaching & research, Marie is a certified InterPlay Arts & Social Change facilitator, & Breast Cancer Action "Community Leader for Change."

One thought on “The Newest Contributor: You.

  1. Dehumanization is something that happens all around us, on a daily bases. It is looked at to be a very negative thing, however, can it be a good thing i.e. if someone is really strong and you say “he’s a beast” should that be considered a compliment? Are there different levels of dehumanization that control the way it it affects the reciever? Here is a link that shows a little about dehumanization.

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